naughty apocalypse

by halfwalk

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    A double-sided offering from Chris Ramey. The first twenty minutes (1-6) are filled with juicy, sometimes-sexy, always-spacey, jazzy indie rock textures. The second twenty minutes (7) are more of a droned-out, abstract, meditative/hallucinogenic soundscape. Now contains a bonus track which is a preview of the next album.




released April 27, 2010



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halfwalk Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: trading fantasies
you might think you're poison,
but you can come to my island,
come to my island.

fabricating water,
but this time it's for real,
come to my island.

unmake me feel normal,
it takes me back again,
come to my island.

it's worth staying up again,
fountain won't you be my friend,
if you forget me when i'm gone,
i'll come right back and take you along to my island,
come to my island.

you can fake the sunrise,
i will paint the moon,
come to my island.

you think you control it,
it keeps you on a line,
come to my island.

calculating numbers,
one and one of you,
come to my island.

don't you hide your problems,
we're trading fantasies,
you might be worth a million,
but can i get you for free?
come to my island.

i don't see you in colors,
we're playing the wrong game,
wouldn't it be something but
you scare me just the same,
thought i saw it in a dream,
the garden you can grow,
wake me up when you know,
take me out there when you go to my island,
come to my island
Track Name: intuitions
deathless youth of our century,
hung out on vines,
reach unparalleled clarity,
tin man, lost swine,
watchmen monitor our ways,
intuition hints clues,
vibrations, one lost for each day,
we're deathless, me and you.
Track Name: pornography
you said that you like pornography,
well i like porno too,
and i like that you do,
wanna watch some with you
Track Name: proof in the pack
the hands of time will find you once again,
for as you know, they smell your secrets.

things you've left behind scream,
and weave a downward spiral without words.

a voice out in the darkness begging,
calls out for you to show your giant freak tits.

the burning minds of eyeless mimes
are urging you to sleep and join the herd