improper nouns ep

by halfwalk

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released January 6, 2014

Michael Ramey on lead guitar for "rebel" and "square park."




halfwalk Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: rebel
you've got a way of making me feel, of making it real
'til i arise, greeted by skies and not just the lies.
is it just me? it couldn't be! but i guarantee
i happen to see your misery, your mysteries
bursting the veins that you contain. will you remain
at the controls, filling your holes? feeling your soul
walk in the rain, never to blame, is it to feign
you are just fine? better than mine? better than another fantasy
illusory styles just running wild at least for a while
come on and revel, revel, baby... rebel lady, picture of mine...

we were a garden, you were the light, or better, the night
come around once again what should have been, but i pretend
that you are the air, aren't really there. you wouldn't dare
forget like a dream, floating. a stream, barely, it gleams.
moonlight haze colors your gaze, colors the daze
i can't resist, wake of the missed i could have kissed...
Track Name: just an animal
i am just an animal
i am not like you at all
i can't fly so i just crawl
never high i cannot fall
thinking love might just save us all

i am not a human being
now i can do anything
finding a reason to sing
turn the seasons into spring
i'm the fortress and its king

i was once an animal
never knew i'd had it all...
Track Name: the more it's your universe
maybe there's a way we could transcend,
we could just be particles of dust in solar wind
floating through eternity, the journey never ends,
making our way to where time and everything begins,
take my hand and lock me in your orbital embrace,
here's hoping i can see the timeless wonder in your face.
maybe i can take you from this ordinary place.
this time i'll be in my rocket to sweep you off your feet,
and we can reach anything.